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Textron Cessna 525


With its own ATO, Star Wings offers a wide variety of courses and individual training solutions. , requires an FFS (Full Flight Simulator) for initial training as well as for refresher training and renewal training whenever possible. For training contents concerning the type Cessna 525 we use our own C525B CJ3 Full Flight Simulator Level-D, the only one of its kind in Europe, in order to be able to offer you initial training, refresher training as well as renewal training as inexpensively and flexibly as possible.


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Difference / Familiarization Training

Instructor Rating

LPC/Skill Test

Simulator Dry Lease


Operator Training & Checking

Obtain type rating to fly Cessna’s diverse and frequently used Citation jets commercially. The C525 type is versatile and is now an integral part of business aviation.

Training Procedure:
You will be trained on site or from home in theoretical units on the type C525. The exam takes place under supervision at the Dortmund location via our online e-learning tool. You will receive 100 questions on the pattern, of which you must answer 75% correctly. Once you have passed this stage, you will enter our flight simulator for the practical part of the training. You will learn how to deal with error messages and problems on board.

After you have successfully passed your skill test, you will participate in landing training at one of the surrounding airports.

We offer you the possibility to use aircraft from your AOC for the landing training.

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As the only private provider of a Cessna Citation 525 / CJ3 Full Flight Simulator (Level-D) in Europe, we are able to conduct type rating training not only much more effectively, but also more economically and in a more environmentally friendly manner. Dangerous situations and system failures can be simulated safely, which would never be possible in an airplane. Our training offer is listed further down on this page. If you have any special requests regarding our training program, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service.

DRY LEASE - Rent our simulator

For price information and available dates please contact our customer service via If you are already a drylease customer, you can see available simulator times in our online portal and book them directly with a mouse click. You select the available simulator slots that suit you and our customer service will confirm your request promptly.

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In addition to the actual type rating, we also have the entire range of other training courses on offer, which is constantly being expanded:

  • Difference Trainings
  • Recurrent Trainings
  • Right Hand Seat Training
  • TRI/TRE-Training
  • Collins 3000 FMS und
  • ProLine 21 Training
  • LPC/OPC-Checkflüge
  • P-RNAV (RNP1)(GPS-Approach-Training)
  • B-RNAV (RNP5)(GPS-Approach-Training)
  • Fire-Fighting-Training
  • Security-Management Training
  • Safety-Management-Training
  • Dangerous Goods Training
  • UPRT Training (Issue 2)
  • Type-Rating-Instructor
  • RVSM Training
  • CRM Training
  • ADS-B
  • HPA

Upcoming & Planned Courses

All other courses on request.

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We use the Star Wings course newsletter to inform you about upcoming courses and training. First of all, you will receive all the information you need when new type rating or TRI refresher courses are planned and you can secure your place immediately.

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